Lemon Cox wants to operate a responsible and sustainable business policy based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and has chosen to focus particularly on vulnerable children and their mothers in the rural areas of Bangladesh. 

Children in rural areas may find it difficult to go to school due to geographical challenges or simply because they struggle against poverty and have to help their families in everyday life just to survive.

As part of our CSR strategy, we have established a concept called The Rolling School This is a mobile school that regularly visits these vulnerable areas to provide education to children. On top of this, we have chosen to support their mothers with basic teaching in reading and writing.

Mange unge kvinder i landdistrikterne bliver sat i arbejde i en alt for tidlig alder, og har derfor aldrig haft mulighed for en ordentlig uddannelse, og kæmper nu derfor med analfabetisme som voksen. The Rolling School offers an extraordinary educational program for these women for free! 

All expenses for running The Rolling School are paid from the sale of lifestyle products sold through the Lemon Cox Group and are donated as CSR contributions.