Bridge the educational  gap

The main purpose of The Rolling School   is to provide access to education for those who might face barriers such as distance, lack of infrastructure, or socioeconomic challenges in Bangladesh. It aims to bridge the educational gap and bring learning opportunities directly to the many underserved children of the population.

By utilizing mobile classrooms equipped with modern tools and technology, The Rolling School ensures that no child is left behind in their pursuit of knowledge. Through its dedicated team of educators, it fosters a supportive learning environment that empowers students to thrive academically and unlock their full potential.

Educational program for women in rural areas

Because many young women in the rural areas are put into work at a far too early age in life, they have never had the opportunity for a proper education and now are struggling with illiteracy as an adult.

According to UNICEF, poverty, early marriage, cultural barriers, distance from schools, inadequate sanitation facilities, a lack of female teachers, and safety concerns on the way to school are among the factors contributing to low female education rates in rural areas. Another factor is the need for girls to perform household chores, which makes it difficult for them to physically attend school for an extended period, and in many rural areas there are simply no schools for miles around.

Unleashes innovative teaching methods for  education equality

The Rolling School is staffed by qualified teachers and educators who are passionate about bringing education to underserved communities. These teachers have expertise in developing innovative teaching methods to engage students in a non-traditional learning environment.

Our contribution to UNs sustainability & development goals

The Rolling School aims at directly contributing to the Sustainability Goals number 4 made by the UN. This goal is Quality Education which we offer direct contribution to in this CSR project.

Furthermore we indirectly contribute to other SDGs - number 5, Gender Equality, by having female teachers reaching out to children of both genders, but we also contribute to this by offering an educational program for the women in the areas to eliminate illiteracy among them.

Indirectly we aim at contributing to SDG number 1, No Poverty, through our educational programs and SDG number 3, Good Health And Wellbeing, by increasing their chances of a better life. Additionally we contribute to SDG number 17, Partnerships For The Goals, by doing different partnerships with the needed stakeholders in the communities and companies in Denmark.

Pediatric Care for Brighter Futures

In our weekly doctor's visit, we provide comprehensive pediatric care to the underprivileged children in rural areas. Our dedicated medical team ensures that every child receives a thorough examination, basic medication, and personalized health advice. We believe that healthy children are better equipped to excel in their studies and build brighter futures.

Empowering Women Through Healthcare

At The Rolling School, we also prioritize the health and well-being of women in marginalized communities. Our weekly clinic on the wheel offers a range of services tailored to women's specific needs. From prenatal check-ups to health awareness sessions, we empower women to take charge of their health and make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

With every medical intervention, we aim to create a healthier, more resilient community where individuals can pursue their dreams with confidence and vitality. Together, we are making a difference—one check-up at a time.

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